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Craig Consulting International DMCC – Dubai

One Year On!

Having decided to establish a business in Dubai to further the international reach of Craig Corporate, a subsidiary was set up in March 2018, and I decided to go to Dubai to lead this.

One year on a lot has happened, some expected and some totally unexpected.

I have probably travelled more in this first year than ever before. My travel log included North America, UK, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Kenya and, of course, the UAE. Whilst I did expect some travel as a result of the expansion, I probably expected much more in the Middle East than I have had, and I certainly didn’t expect to be  in Mainland Europe as much, but that has certainly been the flavour of things so far. In the midst of this I’ve been asked to consider questions of growth, expansion, succession and internationalisation amongst other things.

It has been exciting to be part of something so new and it takes me back to the early days of the business 30 plus years ago – lots of effort and flexibility required.

What is definitely true is that opportunities exist everywhere if you raise your head and look for them. What is true for our clients is true for our business too. It’s good to walk the walk (or, perhaps, fly the flag would be closer to the truth) on behalf of our business; to remember all the small things needed to get a business going.

However, the fun part of what we do is always based on meeting great people trying to build businesses. Getting the opportunity to support these leaders, clarify and define what they want to achieve, and then help them achieve their dreams and ambitions is what makes all of us at CC get up in the morning. There is nothing more satisfying than this.

So, I’m certain this next year will mean even more effort to support our clients’ growth and success. We believe that by doing this we will fuel our own growth and provide a platform to better help our clients.

Onwards and (inevitably) upwards ✈️.

Paul Yacoubian
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