How do we help to create business value?

Growing and developing a business should be hugely exciting. In a company’s younger days, its team is often operationally outstanding but with a relatively narrow set of experiences. Planning a way forward can be difficult when opportunities abound. We have helped numerous businesses to fully consider their strategic options, financial requirements, risk appetite and return expectations and then put this into practice.

What questions do we get asked?

  • We have a major opportunity and know we need to raise new funding but where should we get the money?
  • Our business is growing quickly and we’re aware of some stresses – what action should we take?

“Their input resulted in a complete change in the way we govern and manage that business. Craig Corporate findings were the catalyst to do something radically different.”

Mark Spragg, Vice President EMEA Channel Strategy & Management, Sales support & Services, Steelcase

What will we do?

Our team will work closely with engaging entrepreneurs in areas such as:

  • Raising new finance – growth capital, venture capital, venture debt, secured debt or grant funding
  • Corporate acquisition – deal identification, negotiation, funding and execution
  • Business planning and investor readiness – preparing for growth and or funding
  • Building an effective board – Non-executive director or chairman roles

Enhance business value – what does that mean?

What defines a valuable business? For some owners, it’s a simple discussion of profit multiples or cash in the bank. But the value of a business can be much more complex than just this, including the dynamics of annual dividends, family involvement, employee relations and community engagement amongst many other factors. Balancing these factors over the long term to make a business as great as it can be often requires a little support from people who have been down this road before.

What questions do we get asked?

  • How can I best structure my business to minimise my tax
  • How do I balance the role of family in the business while bringing in external expertise?

“They analysed every aspect of the way we operate and they have taken it back to the bare bones and rebuilt it.”

John MacDonald, Managing Director, Contraflow

What will we do?

We enjoy working with business owners and managers to enhance value through:

  • Company value reviews – the building blocks of a valuable
  • Strategic planning – building business value over the medium / long term
  • Management development plans and senior team incentives
  • Improved financial management – full or part time Finance Director roles

What does it mean to protect business value?

While we all aim for the positives and good news stories, life isn’t always that simple. Can you identify and address business issues before they become a major challenge or, if things are already difficult, how do you best turn things around? You’d quickly go to the doctor about your own health, and turning to a calm and experienced head is just as vital in running a business.

What questions do we get asked?

  • We’ve come under pressure from the bank – what should we do?
  • We have a problem area in the business and I need an objective view of what to do next…

“They are very good at reducing the process to make it as simple and straightforward as possible.
They’ve had a fundamental influence on our business ……. and probably vital actually.”

Charles Graham-Marr, Chairman, 3DReid

What will we do?

In what is often a stressful time, the Craig Corporate team will provide a steady hand to help with:

  • Company rescue and turnaround
  • Tax efficient corporate structuring
  • Financial due diligence – corporate or institutional investors
  • Problem companies – parent or investor reviews and remedial action plans

Realise business value – what does that mean?

Most business owners have an ultimate destination in mind, be it a financially rewarding external sale or succession within their management team or family. Whatever the motivation, each private company is unique and a simplistic out-the-box solution rarely delivers best value for all involved. Our open-minded, people based approach to this complex scenario has served our clients well for more than 30 years.

What questions do we get asked?

  • How do I get the best price when I come to sell my business?
  • I’d like my management team to take the business on from me – how can we make that happen?
  • How do I pass my business onto the next generation of the family?

Craig Corporate were absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process and very good in the way they structured the deal. It delivered for both the outgoing and the incoming management teams and ensured continuity for the business.

Zoe Ogilvie, Director, the BIG Partnership

What will we do?

Craig Corporate has helped many millionaires through their business journey, realising value through:

  • Shareholder exit planning and sale
  • Vendor Inspired Management Buy Outs (VIMBOs)
  • Family business succession
  • Cash extraction and shareholder value planning