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Six weeks ago today I was delighted to accept a job with Craig Corporate and I am now thoroughly enjoying my second busy week here! Craig Corporate had been on my radar for a few years and I had actually applied (unsuccessfully) to join the team in 2017 – this made being successful this time all the more rewarding.
I have many reasons for my continued interest in Craig Corporate; the principal reason though, is that in my opinion, there is no one else quite like them. I describe Craig Corporate’s offering as a combination of corporate finance and hands-on business advice. I think this combination is what makes us so unique. Ultimately, Craig Corporate focuses on shareholder value. Our website shows the different ways we aim to “create”, “enhance”, “protect” and “realise” that value by supporting our clients.

Having previously worked in Corporate Finance, the attraction of continuing in this line of work, as well as being afforded the opportunity to work as an integral part of a client’s business, was one not to be missed. I am looking forward to working directly with business owners as it’s something I am very passionate about. We are able to give great advice but also join clients on their implementation journey too. This is where I believe Craig Corporate extends a step further than a classic one-time engagement and becomes the go-to advisor for all major decisions within a business.

Despite only being on day 9, no day has been the same, and I’m sure this variety is set to continue. The team here have made me feel extremely welcome and my remote onboarding has been seamless. I am very much looking forward to working with the team and learning from them all over the next weeks and months – hopefully grabbing a drink as well once Nicola gives it the green light!

Caitlin Dunn
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by Caitlin Dunn