Gatling Gun

I marvel at the energy expended by many business owners, executives and professionals. So often they are in a rush; from one meeting to another, always under pressure; never enough time; always too busy to listen for any length of time; always making snap decisions.

Why do they do this? Because they can’t afford a lieutenant to do some of the work? Because they haven’t created an organisation to delegate to? Because they don’t trust their subordinates?  Because it is macho to be seen to be busy and stressed? Or is it just habit?

Many things may contribute, but my own belief is that the major cause is habit – they have convinced themselves that no-one can do the job as well as they can, and perpetuate the cycle.  As a result they are too busy even to recognise that their own behaviour and management style are the root causes of their business’s underperformance and potential failure.  The risk is that it becomes a dangerous spiral – can’t afford enough good staff, do it myself, more pressure, business underperforms, can’t afford good staff…… – until it is terminal.

All great leaders make sure they have time to listen and think.   About people, ideas, products, technology, markets.  Business owners, especially those who run family companies, have a particular responsibility to take time to listen and think.  So ensure you make time and that you associate with good people to listen to and think with – the ones with the Gatling guns.

If you would like to discuss your business situation and how to get Gatling guns phone me on 0141 243 4980.

Tom Craig
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Tom founded Craig Corporate in 1985. He is now Chairman of Craig Corporate and sits on the board (as a non-executive or Chairman) of several companies...
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by Tom Craig